Energy Monitoring

Energy Bureau

A favoured option for the MEMU is the EECO2 Energy Bureau. Clients have the option of having EECO2 monitor their MEMU's and supplying regular reports on plant performance as well as alerts and alarms. Reports can be generated for any timescale, usually pre & post contract, monthly, quarterly or annually.               
The Energy Bureau will notify the Client when filters need changing and if there are any problems with the heating or cooling by checking the trends of each function. The Energy Bureau enables the Client to utilise the full functions of the MEMU without spending time generating reports.


It is well known that mechanical plant efficiency reduces over time. In some cases this can be considerable however 10-12% is normal for non maintained / monitored systems.


EECO2 offers support services for the identification of reducing performance via our MEMU devices and the following service support offerings.


To discuss your project requirements, contact Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EECO2) by calling +44 (0)1625 660717 or email the team on

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